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Catpannia & Catlandia

Discussion in 'Introduce your Town/Faction' started by Catpan, May 18, 2017.

  1. Catpan

    Catpan New Member

    I have a town open to everyone with no taxes and ONE free plot (you don't have to pay for the second one, because you aren't allowed to have more than one in my town). You can join my town on PvE with /t join Catpannia :D You can then find a plot that says it's for sale for $0, then do /plot claim and start building yourself a beautiful home. As for my nation, Catlandia, all mayors are allowed to request for an invite (and I'll never deny). I'm usually online, so if any towns wish to be kicked from my nation (as you can't /n leave), I'd gladly let them leave. My nation gives 140 extra plots of land to all towns in Catlandia. Thank you, and please consider letting me be YOUR king! <3

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