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Do not change your Minecraft username!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Jason, Sep 19, 2015.

  1. Jason

    Jason Administrator Staff Member

    You may be wanting to change your username on Minecraft, I'd suggest you do not.

    I play on any server. What is going to happen to my factions and etc?
    • All of the older modpack servers is effected by name changes. If you change your name you will lose your stuff, factions, towny, ranks, etc.
    I am a donator. What is going to happen to my donator status?
    • Your stuff will not be transferred, only ranks. Submit a post on the forums for rank corrections, but better yet don't change your name.
    To Clarify:
    • Players will lose your stuff when/if you change your name!
    When will we support name changes?
    • If we ever host a 1.8 minecraft server on a modpack or vanilla then we will support name changes. But currently with the modpacks we run we do not support them.

    In summary if you change your name...
    Donation Ranks - Will be fixed upon request
    Items - Will be lost on all servers
    Ranks - Will be lost on all servers
    Market - Will be lost on all servers
    Towny/Factions - Will be lost on all servers

    PLEASE NOTE: We will not transfer items if you change your name! You have been warned!

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