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Infinity Evolved Released!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Jason, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Jason

    Jason Administrator Staff Member

    Chillax Gaming presents to you our new modpack minecraft server, FTB Infinity Evolved. This server includes many features you would see on a lot of other servers, including PvP, Towny, No Griefing, Classes, and Stealing Allowed.

    Server IP: infinity.chillax-gaming.com
    Website: www.chillax-gaming.com

    Tons of other amazing tools!

    You may be a bit confused when I say that no griefing is allowed, well I mean by that is that if something is open or you kill someone, you're allowed to claim those items/blocks as your own.

    The classes I spoke of before includes three different courses of life with up to five tiers of that class, including Nature, Tech, and Magic. Each class allows you to rank up to the next class getting better and better items in the kits you receive access too biweekly.

    We have a large forum avidly active by all the players of our other servers, Hexxit PvP and PvE. www.chillax-gaming.com
    If you wish to go to the store and get some awesome perks do so @ store.chillax-gaming.com

    Any questions feel free to comment below or contact me via me@jasonjennings.me
    P.S. We are still working on adding more!
  2. ReadySkies

    ReadySkies Member

  3. Skytank2

    Skytank2 Guest

    butt the launcher chrashes and it takes long time to get inn to the server because it chrashes
  4. fireblitz0

    fireblitz0 New Member

    Not so famous modpack

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