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Accepted Staff Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by RamiAlZaben, Jun 11, 2017.

  1. RamiAlZaben

    RamiAlZaben New Member

    Name: Rami

    Username: HeyDude

    Age: 19

    Why do you want to be staff?:
    A lot of the time, I play a server for awhile, get attached, get raided, and then quit. For me--and anyone who this happens to--it sucks (badly). It's frustrating, too. Because I understand what that is like, I also understand how hard staff works to keep the server nice and respectable. I want to be staff so that I can prevent people from being griefed (when it's a rule not to) and help the server and the people out overall. Alongside wanting to help, it's honestly been somewhat "dream" or goal to be staff and have that position. Hexxit has always been my favorite modpack and I know it like the back of my hand. When I had trouble at home (and I know, this sounds cliche) playing--Hexxit in specific--would help me get through my issues and it would help me remember that I can be happy even through tough times.

    Do you understand what it means to be staff and what duties you must perform?:
    I play on servers most of my time, and I do read the rules and notice how staff enforces them. I understand that it is a leadership position and I must make sure other players are playing by the rules.

    Do you have past staffing experience, no matter how small?
    Long ago, I did manage my own [vanilla] server (owner is staff, right?). It was a small server--I had my usual 50 players on each day--however, I did have to kick people and enforce the rules, at the same time being friendly. Around the same time (before or after my server) I was a mod for another vanilla server. I really had to work my way up; the owner made me really prove myself. It was a challenge, and even when I had the position, the owner kept me on a tight leash.

    What kind of a difference could you make to the Chillax servers by becoming staff?
    To be very blunt, I would [at first, at least] only be another member of staff. I would do what I am allowed--enforce rules, be a leader, and a role-model. However, I would definitely progress and grow apart of the community; I would be another unique staff member who works to make sure the server is in place.

    Are you patient enough to handle the tasks undertaken as a staff member? If so, provide an example.
    When I was mod & an owner, I did see a lot of nonsense in the chat room. Everyday, actually, I see people spamming, caps, cursing, etc., and I sometimes even tell them to stop (even though I'm not staff). What I see most often are things like:
    "this server sucks you guys are idiots"
    "can i be staff"
    "can i have diamond"
    "does anyone have leather
    *2 minutes later*
    does anyone have leather
    *2 minutes later*
    can i have leather"
    As an owner, I would give them a [friendly] warning, and if they went against it, I would kick them, temp-ban, etc. When I was mod, it was almost the same, however, I would negotiate the consequence with other staff. I was never the kind of person to argue with people who do stuff like this, and I did, and do, have a lot of patients for these type of players.

    Skype or teamspeak?
    I never really got into teamspeak; I don't actually know how it works. However, I do have Skype [rami.midhat] and I too have discord HeyDude_

    Do you understand the Modpacks that you will need to work with?
    I work very well with Hexxit and I do understand that--with servers especially--the modpack has flaws and and glitches. As I mentioned earlier, I know this modpack like the back of my hand and am able to help other players with it, too.

    How many hours do you spend on the server a day?
    I spend much of my free time playing here on Chillax. Sounds a little embarrassing, but when I don't have practice, I spend my time here. So I would say 5 or so hours.

    Do you have a ban record?
    I don't recall ever being banned; I'm always one to play by the rules. Especially when I play on a server that is dear to me.

    Example Situations
    (Answer In Detail)
    You see two staff members fighting over public chat, what do you do?:

    This has happened before and I have had to deal with it. It is extremely annoying when staff members aren't being role models how they should be. If this were to happen, I would /msg each of them and try to sort out the problem. "Why are you arguing?" "We're staff--arguing isn't something that staff would do" If it seems to be a huge issue and the rest of the community is taking after it, I would remind the two staff members why they are here and that, after all, it is a video game and there's no point in putting negative energy into it "Everyone has disputes; can you both look at the positive side of things and forget about the issue?"

    A player claims that another player is using a hacked client, how do you handle the situation?:
    I would, once again, /msg each of them and try to sort it out. I would try to figure out why this player is accusing another play, then, if I see they are correct, I would temp-ban or follow in whatever protocol there is for hacking.

    A player is spamming in chat that he wishes to be banned from the server, how do you react?:
    If they do it every so often, I would give them a warning. If they continued to spam, I would mute them. While muted, I would pm them and ask why they wish to be banned or if they just want attention. Most of the time, when players do this, I end up helping them resolve the issue without ban and without them acting in that way anymore.

    A player is continuously being disrespectful to staff members, including yourself. How do you handle the situation?:
    I would not lash out or argue with them, however, I would let them know that it is not okay to treat leaders in such a way and that they must stop. If they continued to act this way, I would mute them and after an hour [or less] I would pm them and try to nicely resolve the issue.

    One final note:
    I would like to say that I love Chillax; it is very well-run and staffed. I have a lot of fun and I really do hope I get picked for staff. I
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2017
  2. Blufang

    Blufang New Member Staff Member

    Great app, Message me on discord

    -blufang (Head-Admin)

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