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The Forum Game!

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by QMadmen_, May 31, 2016.

  1. QMadmen_

    QMadmen_ Guest

    This is an old game that I played with my old server witch I really like so heres how you play-
    So heres an example:

    (first person)
    I wish i have infinite money.
    (another person)
    I grant your wish but, you cant buy anything

    I wish to have a hot gf.
    I grant your wish but, you will be stranded in a island by yourself with pics of your hot gf and die later after 4 years of being stranded on an island.

    I wish i had 30 dollars to buy ark surrival

    so thats how you play, to bend the wish and make them happy or sad idc but add a wish yourself
    hopefully you enjoy this game! BE CREATIVE!!! (start at the 30 dollars to play ark surrival)
  2. Dr_Nomz

    Dr_Nomz Guest

    So basically it's will you push the button? Okay.

    BUT it costs like a hundred dollars in DLC.

    You can fly!
  3. QMadmen_

    QMadmen_ Guest

    nomz your suppose to grant my wish but say like since ark surrival itself is nothing the dlc's are 1mil$ so you dont play ark forever and you get stuck with chillax
  4. Dr_Nomz

    Dr_Nomz Guest

    I'm sorry that my reply of "BUT it costs like a hundred dollars in DLC." wasn't good enough for you. =P
  5. QMadmen_

    QMadmen_ Guest

    oh sry im just stupid sometimes :p
  6. Dr_Nomz

    Dr_Nomz Guest



    You can fly!
  7. Daddy

    Daddy New Member

    Wow! This is fucking stupid! Thanks for wasting my time! <3
  8. Dr_Nomz

    Dr_Nomz Guest

    You're welcome!

    You CAN'T fly, but you can fly with /fly but you can't? <_<
  9. KingOceiros

    KingOceiros Guest

    I played this on a server called ZeldaCraft, lol.
  10. KingOceiros

    KingOceiros Guest

    Guys its a much more fun game when people know how to play it
  11. blyn99

    blyn99 New Member

    You can fly, but you cant get close enough to the ground to do anything

    I want to rule the world
  12. PixelCadet

    PixelCadet New Member

    You can rule the world, but you will die young.

    I wish to go to a concert
  13. ReadySkies

    ReadySkies Member

    You get the best seats in the concert but its plagued with audio issues the entire night making it unenjoyable.

    I wish I could be invisible.
  14. Dr_Nomz

    Dr_Nomz Guest

    Put you always have to be naked, and that could get embarrassing if your invisibility fails.

    I wish to be able to teleport anywhere I wish.

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