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TITLE: Oxii__x Helper Application [Game; PvE]

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by Oxii__x, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Oxii__x

    Oxii__x New Member

    Name (Optional):

    Username: Oxii__x

    Age: 21

    Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

    Why do you want to be staff?:
    - After playing on the server for a couple of weeks, I've noticed that I ended helping more than actually playing and building.

    Do you understand what it means to be staff and what duties you will have to perform?:
    - Yes, knowing the rules, the do's and do not's. Also enforcing the rules. Helping new and old players. Making everyone feel welcomed.

    Do you have any past staffing experience, no matter how small?
    - I use to help run tournaments on battlefy.com for League Of Legends as a staff member in 2015 for NxG, (When teamspeak was still popular). We disbanded in January 2016.

    What kind of a difference could you make to the Chillax servers by becoming staff?
    - I'd be there to offer help when other staff members are not on. I've noticed that I get on when there's not a lot of staff on and early mornings.

    Are you patient enough to handle the tasks undertaken as a staff member? If so, provide an example.
    - Of course. Examples, I've been around children all my life and even have a child. Patience are the main things I know when dealing with people online and on games.
    Other examples:

    usernamexx: can someone give me xxitems please????
    usernamexx: can someone give me xxitems please????
    usernamexx: can someone give me xxitems please????
    usernamexx: can someone give me xxitems please????

    Oxii__x: Please do not spam chat . This is your first warning, I'll give you 3 warning then you will be muted.

    usernamexx: okay


    Oxii__x: usernamexx I asked you once before to not spam chat.
    Oxii__x: Caps are not allowed either. This is your last warning before you are server muted from everyone.

    If the person refuses to listen I will temp-ban (usually a week) the person and let the other staff members know of the person if they do it again.

    Do you have access to Skype & Discord?:
    - I do have both but don't use skype of talking to people other than family members. Discord is for my friends.

    Do you understand the Modpacks that you will need to work with?
    - Yes, I've played on technics mod packs since early 2014.

    How many hours do you spend on the server a day?
    - About 10-12 hours a day. Depending if I'm home all day.

    Do you have a ban record?
    - I have no ban records.

    If you want to work on one server but not the other (IE PvP not PvE) specify here (leave blank otherwise):

    Example Situations
    (Answer In Detail)
    You see two staff members fighting over public chat, what do you do?:
    - Ask what the problem is and instead of flooding the public chat, ask them to talk it through in discord. Say the staff members are arguing if it's okay to remove someones plot because they have been inactive for a couple of days. Talk it through asking them to wait a bit longer and if the person hasn't come back then do so.

    A player claims that another player is using a hacked client, how do you handle the situation?:
    - Ask the player what happened, how did it happen and if they took any screen shots of it happening. Ask for the players I.D and give them a warning. Ask them what did they hack and how did they come into contact with finding out they have a hacked client.

    A player is spamming in chat that he wishes to be banned from the server, how do you react?:
    - If he wants to be banned then I'd ban him, only after he spams since it's in the rules to not spam other wise they will be banned.

    A player is continuously being disrespectful to staff members, including yourself. How do you handle the situation?:
    - Give them a warning that it is not okay to do so. If they continue to do so, they will get a temp-ban and won't be able to come back until it is lifted. If they do it again they will be banned longer or if any other staff members feel the need to, perm-ban them.
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2017

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