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TweenieChompwah's Builder Application

Discussion in 'Build Team Applications' started by TweenieChompwah, Jun 16, 2017.

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  1. TweenieChompwah

    TweenieChompwah New Member

    Name: David Jones
    IGN: TweenieChompwah

    Age: 16

    Do you have skype or Discord?:
    Yes, skype is: jacjavir@outlook.com
    Yes, Discord is: TweenieChompwah

    Why do you wish to be on the build team? (In Detail):
    I wish to be on the build team for many reasons. I love hexxit and it makes me feel happy being on your server exploring and building up my base to become a good hexxit player. Since my house is pretty good I have been getting a few complitments on my buildings and I would wish to share them with you and make your server even more appealing that it already is and make chillax a friendly but noticeable server.
    Building is one of my favourite things to do in minecraft and I will explain that more in detail when we get to past experience but I have mostly spent all my minecraft life building for people and my self while having fun in the mean time. It brings great joy to me as I love doing it but I also love to explore and so do many other people so having an amazing spawns and hubs to attract the play and love your server would be even better too.
    Lastly I also feel great to be back building and surviving again so I wish I could help you guys out too so when you need builders or you get bored of some of the stuff I will be there to help you guys out and come up with new ideas.

    Do you have any past experience of being a builder? (In Detail):
    This is where it gets big. I have had MANY past experiences of being a builder. I first started playing minecraft when I was just a normal noob who could only build squares. I then starting building on a minecraft creative server, Qubion but was back then known as Vadact. After a few months of learning I was able to build in detail and give reasons and explanations behind my builds while they appeal to the eye of the viewer. I soon later joined the Qubion build team and staff team and carried on with my building and got even better at it. Sooner or later I left the team for personal reasons in real life and a few months later I joined the Octovon team where I would build maps and areas for money. I made around £700 before the team broke up and was no more. I used this money for college and a new computer so I could carry on with building and I absolutely loved it. I then moved on to Minecraft Zarp which was a great server while it lasted. As I will show in the pictures they were made for them but they were only mine. I became lead builder and developer and built hubs and other great buildings in the mean time. I also still have a private hire for when people want me to build for them when they need.

    Do you have a ban record?: No

    What is your building style/preferred way to build?: I can build everything other than modern. My preferred style is old/fantasy.

    **Do you understand the full responsibility and restrictions regarding access to creative perms? (I.E., Never giving out items that are not legitimately earned, cheating in items for yourself, etc. Violating these rules will result in IMMEDIATE punishment.): Yes

    **Do you understand you must ONLY build after recieving approval from a Head of Staff (HA/HB/Owner/S-M)?: Yes

    Examples of your builds (Links to full albums or galleries only, please):

    My hub spawn (I did build this for Zarp but, Very basic):

    My Plot on my old creative server:

    Render by Head Dev of Hypixel - http://imgur.com/a/vpLwT

    My Other builds:

    My plot (On your server):



    My other builds will be added when my files have been backed up. I do have them on my comp somewhere and I'll try my best to find them.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
  2. Soylent

    Soylent Administrator

    Chat with me on Discord a bit and we'll see where this goes :)
  3. Soylent

    Soylent Administrator

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