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We need staff!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Jason, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Jason

    Jason Administrator Staff Member

    We are currently very staff impaired and need some of you amazing people to apply to be a staff member on the servers. The servers run on the members and it's staff to support the members. If you think you are up to the task of being a staff member then go apply now at http://chillax-gaming.com/apply/.

    We will be accepting a lot of apps as soon as they are applied!
  2. Broken_Soul

    Broken_Soul Guest

    Sweet. Then I shall wait.
  3. berbebad12

    berbebad12 Guest

    if u can i will be willing to participate in becoming a staff member :)
  4. Allmyfault

    Allmyfault Guest

    well then we encourage you to head on over to the link in the OP and apply ^^
  5. CaptainSparklez

    CaptainSparklez New Member

    Im one every day of the week (Maybe off occasionally on weekends sorry) but if i could become a staff member i'll try to come on more often (My mc name is chopski9)
  6. Killer

    Killer Guest

    You need to apply for staff .
    -[Mod] Killer
  7. _SpookelsPvp_

    _SpookelsPvp_ New Member

  8. Jamofire

    Jamofire New Member

  9. Endy

    Endy New Member

    Wowsers, still going. Have not been on this site in years. Since arby,jax,me,Walmart, etc all left.

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