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    Lost items:

    Items were given back in person.
  2. FrozenLilly

    Lost Items within chests

    I put them inside of a chest in your house
  3. FrozenLilly

    Lost items lad

    I put everything in everyone's inventories. i will come on later to check on things.
  4. FrozenLilly

    We really miss our bushes Fam

    Looked into and taken care of on server.
  5. FrozenLilly

    Just a few things

    i gave your stuff back but the casts (and the starbeams for now until i talk to happy)
  6. FrozenLilly

    Lost Items within chests

    we wont be refunding the spawners but i gave back everything else that was on your list
  7. FrozenLilly

    We really miss our bushes Fam

    The amount of the bushes have slightly and only slightly been lowered. Everything else has been refunded to you. in a black backpack with a book of the amounts. -17
  8. FrozenLilly

    Items lost after reset

    Backpack wasn't received, items were returned in person. Taken care of.
  9. FrozenLilly

    Lost items lad

  10. FrozenLilly

    Template for your lost items

    Keep in mind that the exact amount of items that you post on this forum may or may not be the exact amount that you get back from the staff. we are giving back items within reason to make up for having to reset the server once again. There is only a few of us who can do refunds so please keep in...
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    Staff Application Template

    This is the Template for staff applications. Please make sure that each question is kept bolded and in the order shown. Please do not use bright and wild colors while filling out your application as it tends to be harsh on the eyes and hard to read. Please give as much detail as you possibly...