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Hexxit PvE: Towny Removed and Map Reset


Staff member
Good morning!

Due to major issues and crowding issues, we have reset the map and removed Towny from Hexxit PvE. In replacement of Towny, we have implemented Grief Prevention (gold shovel). We will be adding extra options (including time based, donating, and voting) to get more claim blocks. Ever since we removed Towny the server has been more stable than it ever has been. It is a miracle. We've always wondered why PvE was so much less stable than PvP, never connected to the two differences.

If you have any suggestions for how Grief Prevention should be configured, please let us know.

In addition: I have made a survey for the users of the form to fill out. The link is in game, not provided here to prevent spam bots from filling it out.

Thank you!

Chillax Gaming Founder
Being able to buy claim blocks with in game currency has always been a common trope with Grief Prevention (/buyclaimblocks) I wa surprised it wasn’t active as well as it’s alter to sell them. I’ve noticed they accumulate after time which is always dandy fine and fantastic, although adding the buy/Sell feature would be grand, as well as possibly 200 per vote as to not be overpowered in its use. Not everyone plays 12+ hours a day and it’ll really level the playing field on land production.

The current ability to subdivide claims is more than ample to resemble a town, the system is excellent reaching perfection.