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Hey I’m Jamin.

Hey I’m Jamin, I get a lot of puns about my name... Anyway.

I’m a 20 year old entrepreneur, with a passion for music from birth classically trained as a composer in styles from baroque to Victorian

Flipped anarchist folk rock soloist I’m not even sure what that means so don’t ask.

I’m an avid fan of Minecraft a bit of a jolly old alcoholic, and a lover of people.

I don’t ever assume anyone is stupid, I give plenty chance for an individual to prove it to me.

I don’t (unironicaly)
Criticize, Condemn, Compare, Complain, or Curse. They lead to nowhere and I avoid them like the plague. Though we al have our jabs fun and jokes.

I’m the realm of Minecraft I fancy myself a collector I have a obsession with trophy rooms not sure why.

I’m here to help I’m here to entertain and I believe one thing above all other things

And that is

“One day, we’re gonna do great things, ad on that day, they’ll look back, at all of the things we’ve done today.”
-Jamin Kidd

(No no no that’s not merch it’s not even an ad it’s like deviant art or something right, my tattoos aren’t an ad for my tattoo artist, I’m just a little proud of these designs is all they’re not even for sale..... like yet.... but it’s not an ad chill.)
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