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I want the server to live

Yo, I'm Krozhin, donator and ex mod 3 years ago, I used to love live and breathe hexxit, when this server was at peak.
I'm sure i speak for many people who want to see the server live as well, and i want to help, in any way i can, any promotion i can, to get people on, I have so many ideas.
It's been so long since i was on the server though, and for the same reason, when i last played, it just felt, a bit meh, it just feels like you're playing on your own, especially for people who don't come on with a friend, instead playing solo.

Servers need a living community, and even when i see only 7 people on, i still get happy, that this server i've loved so much hasnt died yet.
I'm sure Jason wants the server alive as well, seeing as he mostly runs it non profit until the funds run out.
So basically i want the community, all who don't play right now, and all who do, to slam our braincells together and find some solutions on what we can do
the goal is to return alot of hexxit fans, and get some new ones

I'll start with my own suggestions
On facebook we have numerous server promotion pages, and other ways of promoting, but remember, WE'RE NOT supposed to go around annoying people or spamming about the server where it is not allowed, nor where people can get annoyed by it, that likely won't help.
Tell all your minecraft interested fans about hexxit and the server.

Adding all kinds of new features, all of which im happy to help out with, especially if the ideas are good
One suggestion i have on this topic:

Adding a new PvP arena in the PvE world, this could interest more people in trying out the PvP server, which could also be an important part in keeping the server alive, as in the past, only really the PvE server has been popular, the old one saw a decent bit of use, especially when somebody asked for duels.

Oh and also, some kind of +18 chat, i'm not a fan of the set time, since it's literally like 6 am for me

I hope to see this thread atleast slightly living for a while, and i'll read and respond to every suggestion we can get, and try to help make something happen.
I especially want staff to give suggestions.
When i was staff, helping people, and punishing people, is something of the most fun thing to do, and also having a nice community of staff that can have fun with eachother ingame.

I'll be in the discord chat @Krozhin