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Lost Reset Items & Corrupted Chunk Base Items

In-game name: TheDarkAge666
Discord name: SpankyBoi#3956 (not in discord server)

Wipe Reset: I am unsure of the exact amounts of a few of the items as I'm sure most people are but I would very much appreciate compensation for these lost items and blocks. Thank you in advance.

4 stacks of seared bricks,
2 stacks of seared brick item,
4 stacks of clear glass,
15 stacks of basalt bricks,
15 stacks of marble bricks,
5 stacks of quartz blocks,
3 stacks of hex diamonds,
4 stacks of frezarite crystals,
4 stacks of both iron and gold blocks.
$50,000 which was invested into the town due to the sketchy time when people would put in 10k and have their towns removed the next day.

Next, the base I built after the reset has became impossible to get to due to me placing what I believe to be a trapdoor and which has rendered it impossible to get back there without the game crashing. I have already started work on a new base so I would prefer having the items I placed and put in chests. I hope you understand that this was not under my control and would appreciate any refunded items:

4 stacks of basalt bricks,
4 stacks of marble bricks,
1 stack of iron blocks,
1 stack of seared bricks,
1 stack of seared glass,
1 set of hex scale armour,
2 walked swords.

As I have previously stated I would greatly appreciate for any of these items to be refunded. Thank you and goodbye.