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Quality of life update?

I believe (and others) would agree to some of the following to be removed. Just to make playing the game a bit more easier and less strenuous..
  • Removal of 'Sticky' mobs
  • Removal of majorly buffed dungeon golems (some are unkillable..)
  • Clearing of /baltop
Some weapons can be really hard to get and I've experienced the loss of many weapons that took awhile to make or took a lot of money (in game or real money) to purchase, like a monking sword for example, and to see that weapon disappear is very heart breaking. More times than not you do get your weapon back, but on the off chance of some very real happenings due to hexxit being hexxit weapons do just seem to vanish. If devs are worried about the removal of this directly due to autoclickers etc, i do have ideas to counter balance. As for the removal of majorly buffed golems, yes heart staffs do help but sometimes still they can be very very hard to kill. last but not least, the balance top. As a player i almost feel no incentive to get money , staff who can spawn in money are currently #1/#2 and i do believe that it should be legitimized. Edit: for clarification, i'm not saying clear everyones money, just the 'cheated' money.

These are just some minor suggestions to make the playing experience a bit more bearable and give more to aim for. If anyone has some suggestions they can leave a comment or contact me directly.
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