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Welcome to the new forums & Rust server up!


Staff member
Hey guys, we got a new forum update. Looks different, right? We are also having a current issue with a super high influx of spam registrations on the site. If you register and get denied in the pile of other registers we deny, we apologize, please retry or email us (contact us at the bottom).

In addition, we now have a RUST server running! It is a PvP Semi-Vanilla server, monthly resets!
[US] Chillax-Gaming.com RUST [PVP]
IP: rust.chillax-gaming.com:28215

Welcome to Chillax-Gaming.com Rust!
Rules: There are no rules.

We are an almost vanilla server.
PVP ON; Radiation OFF; VoteDay ON; InstaCraft ON; Decay OFF; StackSize+ ON; InstaBuilt ON.
That is all!

Quick Edit By Hunter, another way to contact us is through the discord channel. Just @ myself with your username and I will fix everything that needs fixing.
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